The Anderson School regularly hosts chess tournaments for students.







  • Sections

    -Rookies: (unrated section for Pre-K, Ks. Perfect for beginners)


    -Novice: K-3 Unrated (4 rounds, no clock)


    -K-1: Rated (4 rounds, G/30)


    -Junior: K-5 U700 (4 rounds, G/40 5 sec. delay)


    -Primary: K-8 Under 1000 (4 rounds, G/40 5 sec. delay)


    -Reserve: K-8 Under 1400 (3 rounds, G/55 5 sec delay)


    -Open: K-12 1400+ (3 rounds, G/55 5 sec delay)

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  • Entry Fee

    -$40 online early registration


    -$45 online registration


    -FREE for 1400+. (Limit 24 players)


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  • Trophies

    -Will be given based on registration for each section.


    -Cash prizes will be given in the Open section.


    -Perfect scores will have a blitz tie-breaker to determine standings.

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  • Round Time

    -First round for Open and Reserve will start at 9:30am, then 12:00pm, 2:30pm.


    -First round for Primary, Juniors start at 9:45am, 11:45am, 1:30pm, 3:15pm.


    -First round for K-1, Novice and Rookies start at 10am.


    - If all players have finished early we will try and start the next round earlier.

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  • Additional Info

    -All chess pieces, board, scoresheets and pencils will be provided. Please bring a chess clock if you have one. If neither player has a clock, one will be used for the end of game at the tournament directors discretion.


    -Snacks, drinks, and pizza will be available for purchase. All proceeds will go to the Anderson school.


    -If your child is playing in a rated section they must be a member of the United States Chess Federation.

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  • Location

    NYSCC Chess Tournaments are located at The Anderson School (P.S. 334) at 100 West 77th Street on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City.

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